Jeff Applebaum cast as Joey Bishop in

"The Tribute to Frank, Sammy, Joey & Dean"
(now "The Rat Pack is Back")

After encouragement from good friend and great comedian Mickey Joseph, on Saturday, December 3, 2005, Jeff had the opportunity to audition for Sandy Hackett, the producer and creator of "The Tribute." Sandy is a talented actor, writer, comedian, producer and son of legendardy comic Buddy Hackett. Jeff was cast in the part of Joey Bishop. Jeff commented, "I think they wanted a Jewish guy with dark hair who could sing and make a fool of himself."

This is one of many dreams come true. This is a top notch Las Vegas show that has expanded around the country. The cast is trememendously talented and I encourage you all to come out and hear some of your favorite classic songs, and enjoy the jokes and horsing around on stage. There's a 12 piece orchestra and Frank, Sammy, and Dean are dead ringers for the real deal and have golden voices.

Jeff has performed with the show so far, in San Francisco, Chicago, Manchester, NH and Las Vegas. The show is now presented as "The Rat Pack is Back!" by Dick Feeney & Sandy Hackett. Please check back to see the dates when Jeff will be playing the role of Joey Bishop soon.

Special Note: Tribute to Joey Bishop (Feb 3, 1918 - Oct 17, 2007):
I was saddened by the news of Joey's death. Joey was the last and longest living member of the Rat Pack. It has been an honor to portray a man who created so much magic on and off stage in his career - and I look forward to keeping his memory alive each time I get to perform in this great show.

Check out the official website:

Thanks for your continued support --- hope to see you at a Rat Pack show soon!

Photos: (Left Column) ©2006 by Mike Csiki, Chicago, IL

Drew Anthony, Beth Nickerson, Jeff, Kyle Diamond, David D'Costa at the Palace Theatre, Manchester, NH.